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Wholesale Hero released!

I finally broke down and decided just to release Wholesale Hero instead of continuing to add more and more features and drag out development into next year… Nothing real new to report with this final build (#313!) — I fixed a few small problems I ran across, added more comprehensive stats, added help windows when you first start a game (at King Thor's behest) and moved some buttons and text around.

Updates, Videos, and a beard

A few things late on a Sunday night:

1) I updated Wholesale Hero yet again, the link is the same (here). Build 286 fixes a few bugs, adds some boring features, blah blah. Here's a breakdown:

Bug Fixes:

~ Fixed issue with shipping round not responding to clicks after second round
~ Fixed issue with saved games not opening correctly
~ Long company names now display more gracefully

Mojiferous Industries, art, and all that jazz

The other day I had a conversation with one of my coworkers about Mojiferous Industries, my programs, and what the hell I did in my spare time. He had been poking around the website and downloaded a few of my programs and was generally confounded about what the hell they were supposed to do, supposed to be, and why I had even bothered to make something as inane as Zoltan.

Sending off Simoebic Dysentery, preparing Wholesale Hero

That's right, King Thor and I have kind of half-assedly assembled Simoebic Dysentery in preparation for a run at the GameStop Indie Game Challenge, which is by far the most mysterious contest boasting a $100,000 prize I've ever seen. The rules range from inane to nonexistent; for example they define an age range for contestants but never mention how far into beta/production they want this damned game, and they provide special rules for iPhone games yet not for any other platform...

First Wholesale Hero screenshots!

That's right... I've been hard at work building the first working parts and pieces of Wholesale Hero, details of which are still murky and being figured out, so I can't say much about all the hows and whats quite yet, but I do have these rather lovely looking shots of the game in action. Nothing is necessarily set in stone quite yet, but don't worry -- soon enough I'll have something more meaningful to tell everyone.

Updates, or the story of what Mojiferous is wasting his time on...

There isn't much going on here at Mojiferous Industries, just the slow trudging drudgery of work while I yearn to be outside enjoying the summertime. King Thor and I still have yet to really finalize any kind of evil plan regarding Simoebic Dysentery, but I'm still confident that eventually we'll get organized and finish something.

I've been busy with a few projects that are more like actual programming work and haven't been able to focus as much precious time to making incredibly pointless games, but rest assured there are still evil projects coming down the pipeline.