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Mojiferous Industries, art, and all that jazz

The other day I had a conversation with one of my coworkers about Mojiferous Industries, my programs, and what the hell I did in my spare time. He had been poking around the website and downloaded a few of my programs and was generally confounded about what the hell they were supposed to do, supposed to be, and why I had even bothered to make something as inane as Zoltan.

Sending off Simoebic Dysentery, preparing Wholesale Hero

That's right, King Thor and I have kind of half-assedly assembled Simoebic Dysentery in preparation for a run at the GameStop Indie Game Challenge, which is by far the most mysterious contest boasting a $100,000 prize I've ever seen. The rules range from inane to nonexistent; for example they define an age range for contestants but never mention how far into beta/production they want this damned game, and they provide special rules for iPhone games yet not for any other platform...

Simoebic Dysentery voted "Most Original" game in uDev Contest!

The votes are in for the uDevGames Contest 2008... and King Thor and I walked away with a couple of awards for Simoebic Dysentery! Our (as-of-yet unfinished) little gem of a game garnered the most votes in the "Most Original Game" category and placed third in the "Best Sound" category (due entirely to the amazing soundtrack by The Republic of Thoronia [band].) I'm surprised, elated, and a little gassy!