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Carla Duty moving forward…

My office shuts down over the holidays and it feels like I haven't been at work in forever, but I used this lapse in responsibilities to finish up my latest round of changes for Carla Duty… Over the last couple of months I completely changed the gameplay, refining the matching mechanics and tweaking the various underlying algorithms. In the last week I put the finishing touches on some of these changes and sent out my latest build to the team. The gameplay is getting more refined and I think it has gotten to a point where I can begin to work the Carla Duty story into the game.

Yet more Carla Duty updates!

Surprising no one, it has been over two months since my last Carla Duty update. I have actually continued to refine the game, making necessary improvements and bug fixes to the mechanics and adding in stat tracking, save states, and necessary behind-the-scenes functionality to allow me to build the Carla Duty I envision in my head.



Carla Duty Updates 8/28

Despite my threats to be more regular with updates for Carla Duty, it has been more than two months since my last update.


If you have ever read any of my Mojiferous Industries blog posts this should not be surprising at all. Please refer to these blog entries for my boilerplate about being busy.


Otherwise development on Carla Duty has been progressing steadily:

Carla Duty Updates 6/11

Okay, so technically it will be 6/12 by the time this goes out...
I have put in a decent amount of preparatory work into Carla Duty over the last month, and will try to update more regularly (maybe even weekly?) as development accelerates.