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Blog, Resurrected.

Let me start this out by acknowledging that the only visitors to this blog are my friends and the occasional Chinese spam bot, AND that I also realize that no one noticed or cared (or at least didn't comment) about the lack of action here on the blog or the fact that it completely disappeared when I updated the website.

What should I do?

Whoa. It's already May... It seems like forever ago that I was releasing Wholesale Hero to the public (okay, so it's only been 3 months, but it seems like forever.) I'd love to say that I have a whole bunch of new and exciting projects in the works, but that would be a blatant lie. I've been up to my giblets in work - because of school and freelance BS - and for once I don't have a million projects in the works, waiting to be unleashed on an uninterested public.

Updates, Videos, and a beard

A few things late on a Sunday night:

1) I updated Wholesale Hero yet again, the link is the same (here). Build 286 fixes a few bugs, adds some boring features, blah blah. Here's a breakdown:

Bug Fixes:

~ Fixed issue with shipping round not responding to clicks after second round
~ Fixed issue with saved games not opening correctly
~ Long company names now display more gracefully