Wholesale Hero

Become a Wholesale Hero through manufacturing and shipping!

Bringing the excitement of manufacturing and shipping home, Wholesale Hero puts you at the head of a veritable economic empire, bringing products like Mime Oil, Skub and Product to the masses! Do you enjoy matching? The Manufacturing phase lets you match items on an ever-speedier assembly line, battling not only the clock, but an ever-dwindling supply of resources, misplaced bombs, and mysterious empty spots! What about number games? The Shipping game forces you to match equal numbers to send your cargo ship sailing -- but watch out -- there are U-boats, icebergs and pirates waiting to steal your precious cargo of Lonely Trombones and Logs! Features worldwide score keeping, full-game mode and freestyle levels, mysterious statistics, and commercials!


Wholesale Hero started out as a reboot of Motor Pants (the Shipping game is essentially Motor Pants on steroids) and then slowly morphed into something much more complex and worthwhile. Since being released a few of Wholesale Hero's more complex parts have stopped working in newer versions of OS X, but the game is still perfectly playable.

Online high scores!
Visually Interesting!
Fast paced, addicting gameplay!