Simoebic Dysentery

Voted Most Creative Game, uDevGames contest

Like Dig Dug married to Super Mario at Frogger’s house, you are an amoeba, happily going about your business of parasitism inside some unfortunate person's body. You float through the blood stream, looking for nutrients, avoiding phages and antibiotics, and trying to (literally) divide and conquer. The game is currently divided into 7 “levels” of increasing difficulty. Each level ends with a “target cell”, much like the flag at the end of a Super Mario level, full of nutrients to allow you to continue your journey. Simoebic Dysentery was voted Most Creative Game, and won a bronze for Best Sound in the 2008 uDevGames Mac Game contest (which ended in March of 2009, but who's counting?)


Simoebic Dysentery is buggy, and you should be aware of this fact before downloading… The initial game load is painfully slow, mostly because I insist on loading the entire uncompressed soundtrack into memory, and partially because the current build was finished and released with less than two days of testing. When playing SD, you will probably encounter bugs, crashes, and the occasional control issue. Currently, you control your amoeba with WASD, and lyse or "pop" cells with the space bar.

Amoebic Fun!
Will eventual be finished!