Corporate Lady

Fast, Reliable Tile Matcher Needed for Fast-Paced Office 

Mojiferous Industries, located on the edge of the dilapidated industrial park on the east side of town, seeks a part-time, experienced tile matcher. 

Candidates should have 2-4 years of managerial experience in chimney sweeping. The right candidate will have extensive mouse-clicking experience and knowledge of pattern-recognition. Ability to operate a backhoe is a plus. Playing with the sound on is preferred, but not required. 

This full-time position runs through the end of the game, with an option of renewal pending review. The salary for this position is laughable. 

Founded in 2004, Mojiferous Industries is the leading maker of collectible antelope trousers in the Western United States. Our sprawling corporate headquarters is surrounded by walking trails, a fishing pond, and thousands of anti-personnel mines. 

As a part-time employee, you will not qualify for health insurance, dental, vision, or a 401k retirement plan. Mojiferous Industries is an equal-opportunity employer. 

If you wish to apply, please download Corporate Lady.

Corporate Lady: Modern Worker 7/10ths: Lord of the Files is a match-3 game with a corporate office theme. It started as social commentary on income and sexual inequality, and the banality and repetitive nature of modern office work, and was originally going to be titled Carla Duty (but no one wanted to tangle with EA's lawyers). It has been described by beta testers as "a bad acid trip at Dunder Mifflin" and "probably too socialist for the average American".

Use of the logos of NOW, UFW, IWW, and the Black Panthers does not indicate an endorsement by the original trademark or copyright holder.


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