RNN Descriptions

I maintain a poorly trained, semi-wild recurrent neural network to act as inspiration for this artwork. This RNN has been fed descriptions of thousands of artworks and is then run through multiple output cycles and re-trained on its own output. Only the freshest, most absurd artifacts are kept for the next round of training. The result of this process is a neural network that will generate artwork descriptions that are interpreted here.

Additionally, Thorin Klosowski and I have an ongoing collaboration wherein he writes stories based on descriptions from the RNN and I sometimes interpret those into artwork. He has written an excellent FAQ that does a much better job of describing what this is and how it works here. And subscribe to the newsletter here!
# Name Epoch Artworks Sort descending
191 standing figure at center, one motto by a lion 1
2941 ghost chap covered in beef 6
2453 clown structure with three goats 5
1965 brown insect tears man at left 4
71 man seated at right behind a snake form of first man 1
1477 skeleton holding gold lands at rim 3
989 swirling man with small black rats carries a large protruding head 3
2517 a man with many large columns 6
501 two rowers with goat in middle ground 1
2029 filth goats with three happy leaf insects 5
1541 man perching on a wooden dog 4
3251 badger characters leave sphere with a pale man 7
1053 heavy image of frog has cottage 3
2763 apple face and two repeating birds 6
565 winged woman in background, beet, peacock and hat 2
3315 smokestack looms in portrait of old skull 7
2827 mountain with red peace goats 6
2339 big eagle with image of a musical horn 5
1851 exotic firecat with wooden teeth 4
1363 an onion's heavy cloud and two small skeletons 3
875 geometric clouds of yellow rope 2
387 orange dragon person extends pendant to figure seated on bridge at left 1
1915 man with portrait of horse and tall buildings 4
1427 a towering tube mouth in black 3
3137 growing snakeman clutches a ham 7
939 mask attached to dog, small booklet with bird forms 2
2649 giant shells with fanged tootles 6
451 buildings with central petal shape 1
2161 etching of rectangular shadow man holding a bat cube 5
3201 the specter stands near decorated hair beasts with steaming swords 7
2713 tortoise woman holding a card at left 6
2225 gold mutant sphere with flying bird, small bulls resting at left 5
1737 spatula prowlers with geometric heads 4
1249 triangular portrait of a balloon dog, with metalized men 3
761 hair body with two soldiers, lines of standing men 2
273 nude man sitting on a box with card fans 1
1313 two men seen three horses at bottom, skeleton forms in background 3
3023 young man with pink skulls leaning against a peasant 7
825 man kneeling in background with dog and dragon 2
2535 two snakes with protruding golden meat 6
337 frogs near riverbase, drawn around body 1
2047 dancing teeth with snake bellies in fur 5
3087 dancing brown egg 7
2599 portrait of red woman's head 6
2111 dawn figure at a procession, monk holding a crow 5
1623 large disc with beaked tower 4
1135 three goats gather behind straw woman's head 3
647 man watches at right with pedestal behind woman at left kneeling 2
159 five men see chicken in portrait painted in black 1
1199 mountains in cone woman's head 3
2909 cult decorations of men hanging under crown 6
711 standing woman with a big sailboat 2
2421 dark radiating heads flying at wealth 5
1933 massive eggs at skull sport 4
39 two standing dragons, a spindly dog seated on a crown 1
223 horse and skeletons wearing stripes 1
1445 figure with crown of snake teeth 3
2973 birdmen leading goat by fishermen 6
2485 winged figure with triangles, clouds 5
1997 birdmen design forest against mountain platform 4
103 exterior around window in crown 1
1509 indigo machine with skull and two small buildings with lines of paper legs 3
1021 figure with horns perched on a book 3
533 child made of thin rings 2
3283 mothers with tort trout 7
2795 bird men hold bone goats 6
597 figure of woman steering by playing stones in stream 2
2307 exotic firecat and two cylindrical men 5
1819 standing woman with portrait of ham 4
1331 decomposing men in three buildings 3
2859 triangular skeleton men, making mountain pillars 6
843 large truck not looking at throne 2
2371 three robots with four demons holding swords in front of an old egg 5
1883 Rail and solid image of green rust 4
1395 mountain pig with a mountain pistol 3
907 turtle teeth with silver lines 2
419 two arms bending in two streams 1
3169 waterman killed by arrows from basilisk 7
2681 dancing cricket on tailored hat 6
2193 chicken trained on gems 5
1705 man holding loose meat for delicate bears 4
3233 owl with foot cloak 7
1217 glassy boys, locked in a tower 3
2745 factory onion, three birds 6
729 man looking at diamonds with horns and a bird 2
2257 giant trunks at left, with hair pieces and grape insects 5
241 frog in profile with gold collar 1
1769 hair master wearing drugs at center 4
1281 wood ostrich and cube woman attached to tall bull 3
793 three small boats behind birds holding a boy 2
305 swirling blue background 1
3055 squirrel man bearing musk stones for flying scratching people 7
2567 six stone teeth in boat 6
2079 teeth extended below cliff at right 5
1591 four soldiers kneeling around horse 4
3119 a monkey demon with smokestacks and mountains in background 7
1103 decomposing man at left clutches a bird 3
2631 monster holding skin legs 6
615 woman wearing white pants with red beard on back 2
2143 tortoise machine sucks in metal birds 5