• Atomic Combat (finally) almost done (yet again)

    Well... I've said it before, but this time I really mean it- All I have to add to Atomic Combat is help implementation (which should be a load of fun) and it's done. Really done this time. The program has changed a lot over the last year, no longer is there any kind of annoying grey-area diplomacy, no more convoluted research, no more waiting for wars to begin... All in all, I think the program is much healthier, easier to use, and a lot less confusing.

  • Yet another website redesign...

    I revamped the website yet again... This time using TiddlyWiki- which is entirely too nifty- it took some kludging to get everything to fit into place, but now she's up (and mostly) running. I still need to add some pictures, a little more content, and fix a few minor problems, but overall I'm happy with it. I would recommend TiddlyWiki to anyone and everyone- site construction is easy, it can save it's own RSS, only consists of a single page, and isn't quite as worrisome as a PHP-based site...

  • Welcome 2008!

    I know I'm a little late, seeing as how it's already the 19th of January, but I've been lazy... So here it is: The 2007 Mojiferous Recap!

  • Crappy T-Shirts for sale!

    I was bored both at work and at home today. What did I do with my boredom? I shat out a couple slightly-less-than interesting t-shirt designs, put them up at Zazzle.com (who doesn't charge anything for multiple designs and is marginally less restrictive than CafePress) and then put up a "mojiferstore" at the website. (Right Here) Why? Because it was fun... and now maybe I can make all the strange t-shirts I've been yapping about forever and prove once and for all that no one will buy them.

  • Desktop Cigarette now widgetized!

    That's right folks, I made the damn thing a widget. So now it works in 10.5 and I won't have to go through the holidays wondering why my memory is so leaky. It was actually really easy thanks to Dashcode and Quartz Composer... So let the widgeting begin! As always find it at my website or whatever.

    So long for now!

    --The Admiral

  • Desktop Cigarette Bleeds Memory!

    Yep... There is a nice big active memory leak in Desktop Cigarette! It bleeds about 2k every animation cycle... due to my use of deprecated functions, I kind of cobbled the newer Dock icon function on top of the old program, and didn't update any of my actual graphics code- long story short, I had to kind of shove an older graphics rendering into a newer space... and in doing so lose a little chunk of memory every time, due to pointer conversion and incomplete memory management.