• Zoltan Nearly Ready!

    Zoltan is pretty much done... and is stranger than ever before... Version 2.0 not only maintains the strange weather-forecasting features of 1.0, but also adds ritual sacrifice, grass cutting, mustache shaving, a drunken moon, the Book of Zoltan, and an easy-to use toolbar! It even includes the Mojiferous Industries Mustache Manager 1.0! My goal is to have him finished by early next week, pending some icon design and [unhelpful] help design! So... beware!


  • Minor Updates, etc.

    So while undertaking a major update to Zoltan, I finished off a minor update for Atomic Combat, finally getting it fully Exposé compatible and expanding its error handling (so it doesn't just crash when the "sounds" folder isn't present.)

    In other news, The Good King Thor and I have begun a project... A game project of mindshitting complexity, a project that will make Myst look simple and well-programmed... There will be more news to come, I assure you!

    --The Admiral

  • Anyone speak Swedish?

    The Swedish Macworld just ran a top 10 about... something. And... Wrote a short article in Swedish about desktop cigarette (You too can be mystified right here.) I am honored, proud, and way out of my league- Romance languages? No problem. German? I can get by. Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Hungarian, Navajo, Chinese, Vietnamese, or Nahautl? I can find someone to translate. But Swedish? I'm stumped and so is my faithful friend babelfish.

  • Article on Mojiferous Industries in The Escapist Magazine!

    Okay... so this is old news by now, but I forgot to "blog" about it... To update my "web 2.0" presence and keep everyone informed about the latest happenings within my life.

    But no, really- I forgot all about mentioning the article (which you can read HERE) in the Mojiferblog...

    Anyway, the article is really good, I talk about lobsters and urinals and bears on tricycles. And then I drop my pants!


  • Instructions!

    So a few people have googled "Atomic Combat Instructions", so I figured I would make an attempt at an instruction manual... There is in-game Apple help, but I figured an indexed PDF help file would be more natural for some people... so I made one. You can get it here.

  • More News about Atomic Combat

    Pending Beta testing results from the good King Thor, I believe Atomic Combat is actually finally ready for the spotlight... There are a few small but minor annoyances left to tackle, but nothing horrible. But I didn't decide to blog today to release the umpteenth "coming soon!" promise for AC... No, I came here today to let everyone know that the iPhone/iPod Touch SDK comes out today, and I plan to have a busy next few days/weeks as I port Mojiferous Industries titles over...