What should I do?

Whoa. It's already May... It seems like forever ago that I was releasing Wholesale Hero to the public (okay, so it's only been 3 months, but it seems like forever.) I'd love to say that I have a whole bunch of new and exciting projects in the works, but that would be a blatant lie. I've been up to my giblets in work - because of school and freelance BS - and for once I don't have a million projects in the works, waiting to be unleashed on an uninterested public. So I need a little guidance folks, a smidgen of public input to figure out what crappy project I spend my free time on for the next few months...

1) I have a working iPhone version of the shipping game from Wholesale Hero - it functions just peachy and is nearly ready to go, but I have my own personal doubts about it: The regular version of Wholesale Hero has been well-received thus far, but isn't exactly the most popular download from Mojiferous Industries (that would be Desktop Cigarette, followed closely by Atomic Combat.) Oddly, convoluted number matching games aren't wildly popular! Who would've guessed?

2) I can finish Increase Speed, Drop Down, Reverse Direction - which I have been meaning to do ever since I last posted about it in January, before school got in the way. The game is pretty much done, it would just need some soundtrack love from King Thor and a little gameplay tweaking. It would be nice to get this game out of the laboratory...

3) I have an inane idea forming in my head for a new game, it's nothing more than bits and pieces right now, but it could easily form into something magical. Right now it involves lots of drinking, talking birds, cacti, and abstract expressionist level design... It could be magical, or it could end up being a Mojiferous Industries project!

My options, therefore are:

1) I can spend another month or so testing and deploying WH iPhone so it can rot in the far reaches of the App Store.

2) Finish Increase Speed, Drop Down, Reverse Direction


3) I can start up a new Quixotic quest for something else that isn't even completely fleshed out yet!

I'm leaning towards #3, surprisingly enough. Anyone have any input out there?