A game by any other name...

I've been developing weird little indie games under the Mojiferous Industries moniker for a while now and up until now everything I have released has been free. I did this for a number of reasons, mostly due to the fact that I never really had the time or patience to release a game polished enough to sell. I decided to change this trend with Carla Duty, partially to force myself to develop a fully-fleshed-out game, and also to see if Mojiferous Industries could be more than just a series of costs and artistic experiments... Every artist dreams of making a living off their art - I would be happy to make enough to subsidize my tools and website.


As a consequence of this decision I have, for once, been carefully planning out this project and making sure everything is in order before I release it to the world. Part of this process has been to make sure everything is on the level legally whether it's the copyright on an asset, or the name of the game... So... yeah. Let's talk about the name of this game.


As it turns out, there is a very distinct legal difference between parody and satire concerning trademarks. Without getting into all of the legal specifics (especially since I'm no lawyer and don't reaaallly understand them completely) "Carla Duty" is satire and not necessarily covered under the concept of fair use. Essentially I was warned that Activision and its army of lawyers could decide that my video game was infringing on their Call of Duty trademark and satirical infringement didn't have the same legal protection that parody does. I don't have the money or desire to fight that fight, so I decided to change the name.


So enter Corporate Lady: Modern Worker 7/10ths: Lord of the Files. Or Corporate Lady for short. Not quite as punny as Carla Duty, but I think it still has the same implied meaning.


Thankfully, Corporate Lady is also almost done! I need to get a preview video together, fix a few small things, and write up decent description. The game will be available on itch.io as soon as I get everything together. Stay tuned (as always).