Desktop Cigarette Updated!

I finally brought desktop cigarette out of Beta and into the real world... The smoke is fixed and actually looks alright now, you can change ashtrays from within the program, AND it accumulates butts. What more can one ask from a useless piece of software? You can find it Here.

In other news, I also updated my website completely, in a spasm of busyness that started as a simple quest to make a better looking Desktop Cigarette page... I think it looks okay, but everyone will have to let me know.
I also have forgot to mention that I was interviewed in FM Magazine (the website is currently under construction) and had the .9 Beta version of Desktop Cigarette mentioned in Mac Fan Magazine (a website that is more built than the FM-Mag one, but is unfortunately all in Kanji...) -- all in all, I'm always amazed that people other than myself are entertained by my trash! Thank you all!!

--Admiral Mojiferous J. Colossus, Esq.